My name is Sam Frost, and I’d like to welcome you to

About This Website

This site is a bit of a ‘passion project’ for me, where I write about my experiences with Hyundai’s i30N sports/performance car.

In particular, I’ll be sharing content on:

  • Any problems/issues I’ve had with my i30N
  • Answering questions from prospective owners and current owners – this is the primary motivation for the site, I’ll be answering as many questions as I come across.
  • Highlighting news about the i30N, as well as other Hyundai N Cars and competing vehicles

I’ll look to share content that relates to other “stablemate” cars for the i30N, such as the Elantra N (which is, confusingly enough, called the ‘I30N Sedan’ in Australia) and Veloster N.

Please note that this is an unofficial Hyundai i30N and N Car enthusiast site, and nothing here is endorsed by Hyundai.

About Me

I live in the South Island of New Zealand, and for my ‘day job’ I run what I’d like to consider a somewhat successful digital marketing consulting business (I basically work with business owners to help them identify how to better deploy their digital marketing budget and reduce wasted spend). You can check that out at

I also run, along with my brother, a website focused on Japanese cars (particularly JDM and performance cars) called Garage Dreams and I also help my parents to run an art gallery in Christchurch NZ.

I’m really more of a car enthusiast, as opposed to an expert … but hopefully you find my content interesting and helpful.

About My i30N

I have a 2021 i30N Fastback with the DCT transmission, in white colour.

I also have a 2006 Volkswagen Touareg, which is used for jobs where I don’t want to get the Hyundai dirty. Maybe one day I’ll make a website about the Touareg (although that is very much a ‘love/hate’ relationship)

I used to have a Suzuki Swift Sport (the new shape one) which I’ll do some comparison content against. That was a great car, but when I had the opportunity to get my hands on an i30N I couldn’t say no.