Be Alert: Hyundai N Car Owners Getting Pinged For Excessively Loud Exhausts

Although I’m an i30N owner, I’m always interested to see what’s happening in the wider world of “N Car” motoring.

In the United States, the Hyundai Elantra N is (or at least seems to be) the go to N car in that market, following on from the Veloster N. The Elantra N isn’t available in New Zealand as far as I’m aware, but is sold in Australia as the confusingly-named ‘i30 N Sedan’.

Long story short though, all the N cars (petrol ones at least) boast a raucous – at least in some drive modes – exhaust.

I frequent the Elantra N owner form on, and a few posters have disturbingly enough reported receiving violations for having excessively loud exhausts, despite their cars being fully stock. This seems to be more of an issue in certain states, such as California.

I’ve personally not encountered any issues with my i30N so far, but then again I mostly drive in normal/eco around town or when cruising, and I’m careful not to drive in too much of an antisocial manner around town.

I can appreciate that modified cars can be too loud, but ultimately it’s a bit of an outrage that a car that is sold new and is therefore compliant (which must have been through some form of an approval process) can wind up receiving an infringement if unmodified.

What I’m keen to know is whether you have experienced any issues with your i30N, Elantra N, or any other N car attracting unwanted attention or even tickets from authorities for excessive noise?

Drop a comment below!

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