Can You Get The Pre-Facelift i30N With An Automatic Transmission?

The 8-speed DCT transmission (which functions very well as a an automatic in normal driving) has been well-received on phase 2/post-facelift i30Ns.

I’ve got this transmission in my i30N, and it’s honestly brilliant for daily driving and more spirited use. If I never needed to use my i30N for driving around town, sitting in traffic, running errands etc then I would have preferred a manual, but for mixed use the DCT is hard to beat.

But what about the pre-facelift cars? Was there any automatic transmission option available?

Long story short, no – the pre-facelift/original i30N was only available with a six speed manual transmission, so if you want an automatic then you’ll need to seek out a DCT-equipped post facelift car.

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