Does The Hyundai i30N Have Heated Seats?

Heated seats are one of those car features you take for granted until you no longer have them.

My old VW Touareg (which I still keep for occasional use purposes despite its proclivity to break down ALL THE TIME and require Boeing 747 quantities of fuel) has great heated seats.

When I got my Swift Sport as a more reliable, frugal everyday vehicle to visit my clients, go to filming sites, attend meetings etc I found in winter time I missed the heated seats.

But what about the i30N that I upgraded to. Does the Hyundai i30N have heated seats?

Long story short, the i30N can have heated seats.

Whether or not your i30N has heated seats will depend on exactly which model you buy, and in what market.

For example, here in New Zealand the “Phase 1″/original i30N was only ever sold in one guise (which was known in some markets such as the UK as the ‘I30N Performance’ versus a base spec model). All i30Ns here shipped with heated seats.

However, research indicates that in some markets, such as the UK they were part of an ‘add on’ winter convenience package that would also net you a heated steering wheel.

The heated seats in my i30N are very easy to use, with three modes activated by the press of a button (one button per seat) on either side of the DCT gear selector. The heating performance is great too.

If you’re looking at buying an i30N, depending on market e.g. UK it would pay to check if the car is equipped with heated seats. Considering that they were never a particularly expensive option to add on, I think you’d be bonkers to overlook them unless you live somewhere that never gets cold (in which case why would you ever need your heat pump cleaned).

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