Hyundai i30N Missing Features – What These Cars NEED

I love my Hyundai i30N. It’s a fantastic vehicle, but not without its flaws.

In this article I’m going to share the features I think are missing from the i30N and which would make a big difference to the overall “package”.

No Adaptive Cruise Control

This is the biggie.

It blows my mind that even with the phase two facelift, there is still no adaptive cruise control/radar cruise.

Regular cruise control is like living in the Dark Ages versus radar cruise, which was even a feature on my comparatively dirt cheap Suzuki Swift Sport (and that had a manual gearbox, not a DCT).

I’d go so far as to say if Hyundai actually released some kind of aftermarket radar cruise system for a reasonable price, I’d pony up the cash and purchase it.

It’s just such a good feature from both a safety and convenience perspective when cruising, particularly if you live somewhere like New Zealand (as I do) with a rubbish motorway system where you’re often cruising on one-lane-each-way roads with vehicles like campervans/caravans impeding the flow of traffic.

Not having this on the i30N is a BIG miss IMO.

No Merge/Blind Spot Alert In The Mirror

According to the documentation, the i30N has blind spot/merge assistance (or whatever you want to call that technology that stops you from being shunted up the back as you change lanes).

On most cars with this technology there are little light up icons in the wing mirrors which illuminate whenever a car is close by in the blind spot … but not on the i30N. This would be such a simple change that would make the car eminently more usable around town, particularly as the mirrors aren’t very big.

No Rear Wiper (On The Fastback)

Not an issue on the hatch models as these have a rear wiper, but the fastback doesn’t have one.

It already has woeful rear visibility (I once drove a Ferrari F430 Scuderia and I swear that had better rear visibility) and on a rainy day the lack of rear wiper makes this even worse.

On a rainy day, there’s not much point in even looking out the rear view mirror. At least that way you won’t see the runaway 18 wheeler lorry coming, right?

I guess that’s the price you pay for style!

Needs A Better Sound System

This is a common complaint about the i30N from “professional” car reviewers, and I tend to agree.

The sound system in the i30N isn’t amazing.

It’s functional, in the sense that it’s easy to connect via Bluetooth or wired connection (I usually just leave a cord plugged in all the time for charging my iPhone as the case seems to interfere with the wireless charger).

However, the sound quality is “passable” at best considering the car is not a cheap one.

It sounds thin, lacks clarity and there is no real punch to the sound system. It’s on part with what you’d expect from a more budget vehicle.

I would like to have seen for the price point a better system, e.g. doing something like how Toyota uses JBL systems on the more upmarket models. I know that these ‘brand name’ stereos aren’t always amazing but all of them – based on my experience – are an upgrade on what the i30N has.

I also appreciate most people aren’t buying an i30N for stereo performance, but based on initial testing I found the stereo systems in the Civic Type R and Golf GTI to be superior.

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