Hyundai i30N Sunroof Creaking – Anybody Else With This Issue?

Off the bat, I want to say I’m someone who is fairly “sensitive” to rattles and creaks in my car’s interior.

Noises that wouldn’t bother other people (i.e. my wife, who subscribes to the school of thought of ‘if it gets loud enough just turn up the stereo’) definitely bother me.

However, my i30N has been relatively squeak and creak-free, except for one issue and I’m keen to hear if anybody else has experienced this.

I’ve got a 2021 (post facelift) i30N Fastback with the sunroof option (the “small” sunroof – I believe in some markets it was possible to specify the i30N with a larger panoramic full-length sunroof)

What I’m finding is when the car is cold – and by “the car” I mean the actual body/chassis/interior (more on that later) not the engine – there can be a pronounced creaking from somewhere in the roof area, near the sunroof.

This disappears completely in warmer weather or once the car has spent a bit of time outside.

A common scenario for me will be I back the car out of the garage (as I always garage it) and then the next morning I hear the creaking for 10 minutes while driving to a meeting. An hour later – after the car has sat out in the sun – the creaking is gone.

I’m guessing there is some form of differential expansion/contraction around the sunroof, which is going to be the “weakest link” in terms of chassis rigidity – and there’s just enough play before heat does its job of expanding that when the car is cold the noise occurs.

It doesn’t happen on smooth roads, but is noticeable on bumpier surfaces (unfortunately, the roads here in Christchurch NZ are largely crap with lots of imperfections).

It’s tolerable, as it ultimately doesn’t affect the performance or safety of the car and it does go away. However, it’s also an annoying thing to have happen, and although sunroofs can have a tendency to be a weak point with respect to creaking and squeaking noises I’ve never had the same issue on any other vehicle that I’ve owned in the past.

If you’ve had a similar experience, please leave a comment below … I’m particularly keen to hear if you were able to affect a repair by way of warranty claim, or if you’ve come across some DIY method. I’ve seen a few comments on forums from users who have taken the roof lining apart and packed the area around the sunroof with extra padding to reduce any play/wiggle room – I’m keen to avoid that if possible.

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