Hyundai N Electrifies Tokyo Auto Salon with Ioniq 5 N NPX 1 Concept

In a stunning display at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon, Hyundai N has unveiled the Ioniq 5 N NPX 1 concept, signaling a new era in the world of electric vehicles (EVs). This groundbreaking concept introduces a series of N Performance Parts, specifically designed for the Ioniq 5 N, marking a significant step in enhancing the performance of this award-winning EV.

A Striking Aerodynamic Design

The Ioniq 5 N NPX 1 concept stands out with its aerodynamic design, incorporating carbon fibre components such as a front splitter, side skirts, and a rear diffuser. The addition of a rear wing spoiler, hybrid carbon wheels, and high-performance brake pads not only enhances the vehicle’s visual appeal but also significantly improves its handling and braking capabilities. The interior of the car reflects a true racing spirit, featuring Alcantara upholstery and racing bucket seats.

Performance Enhancement at Its Core

Hyundai N, already known for tuning internal combustion engine (ICE) models, is now translating its expertise to the realm of EVs. The NPX 1 concept showcases prototype N Performance Parts, set for production in 2024. These parts, debuting with the Ioniq 5 N, signal Hyundai N’s commitment to expanding its performance parts range to other N models, offering EV enthusiasts a plethora of customization options.

Revolutionizing EV Customization through Software

Joon Park, Vice President of N Brand Management Group, has hinted at an even more exciting future for EV customization. Hyundai N is exploring software customizations, such as vehicle sound and calibration adjustments, through over-the-air (OTA) updates. This pioneering approach is poised to revolutionize EV personalization, offering owners the ability to tailor their vehicles to their preferences.

Park states, “We are moving beyond just tuning parts. Our development of software customizations like sound and vehicle calibration via OTA updates will open a completely new category in EV customization, promising an exciting future for the tuning community.”

Availability of N Performance Parts

Hyundai New Zealand has also confirmed that these N-specific performance parts will be available for purchase from their catalogue of N Performance Parts in the near future, further enhancing the appeal of this innovative concept (I’m adding this as I’m NZ based and a lot of my focus is on Hyundai N cars in New Zealand)

This development marks a significant milestone for Hyundai N and the EV community, promising thrilling advancements and a plethora of customization options for the modern electric vehicle enthusiast.

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