Is The Hyundai i30N Available In Automatic?

When the Hyundai i30N first launched, it was only available with a six speed manual transmission.

Great for purists and driving enthusiasts, but there are many people who want cars with easier ‘daily drivability’ characteristics (one of those being the presence of an automatic transmission).

So, is the i30N available as an automatic?

The good news is that for the facelift/phase two i30N (pre-facelift cars are only available as manual, no exceptions) Hyundai introduced a ‘DCT’ gearbox. You could opt for the manual transmission, but for a few thousand dollars extra option an 8 speed DCT transmission.

It’s similar in functionality to the likes of Volkswagen’s DSG gearbox, which is to say that it isn’t a true torque converter automatic. Instead it’s an example of a ‘dual clutch transmission’ (that is what the DCT stands for) which offers rapidly gear shifts and a greater ability to manually control gear selection when needed versus your older tiptronic-style gearboxes.

However, for everyday driving you can just put the i30N’s DCT gearbox into ‘D’, select your drive mode, and away you go just as in any other automatic car.

I’ll do a more in-depth discussion in a later article on the pros and cons of the i30N DCT gearbox, but honestly as far as a transmission goes for everyday driving it really is very good. Shifts are nearly imperceptible, it goes quickly and easily between drive and reverse, and you’re rarely caught out in the wrong gear.

So whether you want an automatic i30N because you can’t drive manual or merely prefer the convenience of an automatic transmission (and having owned numerous manual cars over the years I’m the first to admit that automatic is so much better in traffic) the good news is Hyundai has you covered.

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