Why I Purchased An i30N Fastback (Instead Of The Regular Hatchback)

Welcome to my blog at i30Nowner.com! As a proud owner and enthusiast of Hyundai’s in-line performance cars, I’m excited to share my experiences and insights with fellow i30N owners and enthusiasts. In today’s post, I delve into a question I often get asked: Why did I choose the i30N Fastback over the more popular hatchback version?

The Dilemma: Fastback vs. Hatchback

The i30N hatchback is generally considered the better buy for most people. It’s more affordable, whether you’re buying it new or second-hand.

Plus, its practicality is undeniable – the hatchback offers a more user-friendly boot load area and better rear headroom.

With the Fastback, you objectively sacrifice practicality for a subjective gain of style (at a higher cost).

So why did I go for the Fastback?

My i30N Fastback: Not Just Another Car

My 2021 i30N Fastback is not just another car for me. It’s a post-face lift model in a dazzling white color, equipped with a DCT transmission. This car wasn’t brand new when I bought it; it was an ex-demonstrator, previously used by the dealership manager.

This unique history and the specific features of this Fastback model were significant factors in my decision.

Financial Considerations

The financial aspect was a major consideration for me. The i30N, especially the post-facelift DCT in the Fastback version, can be quite expensive in New Zealand. I had been eyeing the i30N since its launch but was waiting for the right moment and the right price.

The Fastback I purchased had been sitting on the dealer’s lot for a while, which worked in my favor. I managed to get it at a substantial discount (around $20,000 off new list price), along with added benefits like pre-emptive servicing and an extended warranty.

The Design Factor

Beyond the financials, the design of the Fastback truly captivated me. While many prefer the sportier and more aggressive look of the hatchback, I find the Fastback’s design more mature and sophisticated. Its sleek lines and smart appearance, especially in white, make it an ideal car for my business use. It’s discreet enough for professional settings yet has that special flair recognizable by car enthusiasts.

Practicality vs. Style

I acknowledge the compromises in practicality with the Fastback. The sloping roofline can be a bit restrictive for taller passengers, and it might feel more cramped for children or anyone prone to claustrophobia. However, the style and the statement it makes outweigh these drawbacks for me.

My Usage: Business and Pleasure

A significant part of my usage of the i30N Fastback is for business purposes. In my line of work, it’s essential to have a car that strikes the right balance between being respectable and not overly luxurious. The Fastback fits this bill perfectly. It’s a sensible Hyundai to the untrained eye, but for those in the know, it’s a special, performance-oriented car.

A Personal Choice

In conclusion, the decision to choose the Fastback over the hatchback was influenced by a combination of factors – financial viability, design preference, and suitability for my professional life. I appreciate the Fastback’s upmarket look, which aligns with my need for a more mature-looking car.

I understand that this might not be a popular choice, and that’s okay. Car preferences are deeply personal, and for me, the i30N Fastback was the right decision.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the Fastback vs. the hatchback. What do you prefer and why? Feel free to leave a comment, like this post if you found it insightful, and don’t forget to subscribe for more i30N content. Also, check out my website at i30Nowner.com for more!

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  1. Hi there Sam,

    Interesting fan project you got here, hope more people will find your site and comment as you are making well-written content from a sensible everyday’s guy perspective. Keep up the good work and enjoy your i30N for a long time.

    I think there are other things to consider about the fastback:
    – the rear window is quite narrow. I test drove an N-line fastback some years ago when they came out and I hated it that I can’t see sh*t from the center mirror or when turning my head around. Well maybe I am exaggerating a bit but you probably get my point
    – folks need to consider that there are no rear wipers on the fastback and also the rear-view camera placement is suboptimal. It is just above the license plate, gets dirty easily. So if you are living in an area where it rains a lot, this bodyshape can be annoying to live with sometimes
    – also I believe there is no cross-traffic alert system on the fastback for whatever reason (it can be ordered for the hatchback, though), so Hyundai really made backing out of a parking spot on a rainy day super difficult for drivers with the fastback

    Having said that, like yourself, I totally dig the rear of the fastback. It looks super awesome. I prefer it waaaaaaaay more than the hatchback actually, which I think looks a but dumb, reminds me of a fat angry pig on steroids.

    In any case, that hatch is definitely the more sensible choice. On the other hand, the fastback just looks miles more refined and classier. To me, it is almost like perfect looking. I eventually ended up not going for the fastback (and not going for the i30N, in fact) but still to this day, whenever I see these cars on the street I am craving for them.

    1. Thanks for commenting Peter, and for the kind words. I’m glad you find the site helpful. I guess I’m trying to make a resource that would have been helpful for me when I was purchasing (if that makes sense?)

      In terms of your other points:

      * Yeah the rear window is narrow with very poor visibility. It’s just a guessing game at times as to who is behind you. I’ve sat in old supercars with better rear visibility.
      * Lack of wiper is annoying.
      * No cross traffic/back up alert also sucks. In fact I’d say it’s that (and radar cruise) that I miss most from my Suzuki Swift Sport. The i30N Fastback is not great to drive in shopping mall carparks, for example, because of the compromised rear visibility and no warnings/alerts for approaching cars or pedestrians. I am diligent at always backing into parks now.

      Re: looks, I don’t dislike the regular hatch perhaps as much as you do, but I agree the Fastback is just so much better looking. It’s a very elegant shape and it grows on me the more I look at it.

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